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Our People

We are naturally energetic, passionate and committed to the assignments and projects we take on

Our approach is very results focussed, led by a strong personal drive and inherent enthusiasm for the project at hand. A strong foundation of experience and up to date knowledge of both Project Management and ICT leads to our streamlined and confident approach to any situation. Our unique structure leaves low overheads and means that appropriate fees are charged for excellent results.

Each Projects Rite consultant has extensive experience in the IT Industry, delivering seniority and experience exactly where you need the support.

Gordon Bartlett

Gordon's career spans 27 years in the project management profession within the Finance and Telecommunications industries and in the ICT and business areas.

Gordon has a strong delivery focus supported by success at the project, program and portfolio management levels of the profession in all these industry areas.

Working in both the ICT and Business areas, Gordon is able to bridge the communications gap between them and create a smooth interface for communications with a strong customer focus
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Dale Nott

Dale specialises in delivering complex IT projects, with great experience in bridging the business and technical sectors in Client/Stakeholder engagement.  

Dale has 35 years experience in the ICT industry, progressing from Software Engineering and Business Analysis through to Project Management and Business-oriented ICT Consultancy.

He has worked with Australian and international corporations and government agencies across a diverse range of industries and his experience embraces business, technology and management, with a strong focus on Business Process Management (in the context of Enterprise Architecture), Project Governance (incorporating all PMBOK Knowledge Areas) and technologies that enable effective Information Management.
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Antony Della Porta

Antony has spent 26 years in the project management profession within the Travel, Finance and Telecommunications industries. He also works as an Independent Consultant for ICT and business areas, creating extremely effective end-to-end solution delivery for clients, from initial consultations for the project requirements through to final project hand-over.

Antony provides specialist expertise and excellence to his clients, through programme and project management techniques that ensure client expectations are always met.
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Colin Hickling
Colin has 23 years experience in IT Management and commercial development services. He has strong leadership and development experience from his corporate roles, project management leadership roles and a variety of board memberships. He provides sharp analysis and strategy, driving growth and delivering fantastic outcomes with passion and unquenchable enthusiasm.

Colin’s extensive experience in business development, strategic planning and project management is readily applicable to a wide range of business situations.
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